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Runtown Accused Of Defrauding A US-based Woman Of $124,000 (Screenshots)

Runtown Accused Of Defrauding A US-based Woman
Runtown Accused Of Defrauding A US-based Woman

Nigerian pop star, Runtown who featured on Sarkodie’s ‘Pain Killer’ song in 2017 has been accused by a US-based woman, Shawn Rene of defrauding her of $124,000 ─and could land his ass in jail if found guilty of the offence.

According to the US-based woman, Runtown after cashing out two cheques she wrote in company’s name, $32,000 and $107,000 started concocting rooster and bull stories ─that he would pay her back after his show in Canada blablabla!

“I even had to come down to Kenya just to be certain my fiancée wasn’t involved and even arrested Alex, and after investigations we found out it was jack, his brother and wife are trying to play a fast one on us, his wife claimed they had the money returned to me, which I also have record of”, Shawn said.
She continued that they (fiancée and herself) have spent over $18,000 on both legal fees, tickets and hotel bills and even had to make a trip to Nigeria to report the issue.

“This past month I have been dealing with cancer and chemo and catching flights from Texas to New York regularly just as result of my fiancée trusting his fellow countryman so much. I gave these people $107,000 and they only paid $15,000 to my fiancée. Above was when Jack got the check, and also a 3-way call with him Alex and my fiancée”, Shawn added.

Below are screenshots of the receipts…

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