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Zimbabwe Policeman Caught Having Sex With Married Workmate In Car (Photos)

A MARRIED police officer stands accused of impregnating a married workmate after being caught pants down.
Joseph Mapfumo, based at Braeside Police Station under the traffic section, is alleged to have been caught indulging in sex with Vimbai Mari during working hours in a parked car.
Vimbai’s husband Taurai Murambiwa is reported to have caught the two indulged in sex and Joseph ran away, leaving his spectacles and cellphone which are still in the hands of the latter’s lawyer.
Taurai confirmed the incident saying he had since left his family after Vimbai became violent over the issue threatening him with unspecified action.
He approached his lawyers and is demanding US$60 000 adultery damages from Mapfumo saying his marriage has irretrievably broken down accusing Mapfumo of impregnating Vimbai.
“My wife has undressed me that I feel sorry for my two kids over this and to be honest with you I am the one who caught them indulged in sex in our family car at the police station in January this year,” said Taurai.
“There was no peace from that day that my wife openly told me to leave the house at the police camp in Chitungwiza and I am now living elsewhere.
“She claims that she was impregnated by Mapfumo and that our marriage will never work and threatened me with unspecified action if I continued questioning her about the issue.
“Vimbai is so violent and if you remember she is the one who made headlines after she beat up my mother.
“I have since approached my lawyers to claim adultery damages from Mapfumo and I am sure he will receive summons this week over this,” said Taurai.
Taurai showed H-Metro a letter of demand addressed to Mapfumo from his lawyers on adultery damages and recorded cellphone conversations between Vimbai and Mapfumo as well as WhatsApp conversations.
Vimbai denied the allegations blaming Taurai for spreading falsehoods meant to wreck marriage.
“Taurai has some issues with me and is spreading falsehoods about me and Mapfumo,” said Vimbai.
“Mapfumo is just my workmate we never fell in love and I am not pregnant as Taurai wants people to believe.
“Anywhere I will come and see you so that I furnish you with finer detail about the whole story,” said Vimbai.
Mapfumo refused to entertain H-Metro citing protocol since the incident happened at the police station when he was on duty.
However, his wife only identified as Mai Sandy, confirmed the incident describing Vimbai as a woman of loose morals.
“You were supposed to talk to my husband and that police officer who is of loose morals to the extent of removing her duty uniform to bed my husband in a car,” said Mai Sandy.
“I am very cross about this story and I heard that she fell pregnant and my husband is being accused of being responsible,” she added.

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