10 Of The Best Lyrics From Davdio’s New Album ‘A Better Time’

Davido “A Better Time” Album Stream, Cover Art, Tracklist & Lyrics

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Here’s Stream & 10 Of The Best Lyrics To Davdio’s New Album ‘A Better Time’

A Better Time is Davido released his third studio album released on 13th, November 2020. The album featured guest appearances from Nicki Minaj, Nas, Young Thug, Tiwa Savage, Mayorkun, Hit-Boy, and others.

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“FEM (Hit)


“Person wey dey find the pitty Omo no dey give me itty bitty Just call me, you wan know 30BG You go know 30BG when you see 30BG (Uh uh uh) You wey dey find the pitty Tell odogwu say we like to party Just call me, you wan know 30BG You go know 30BG when you see 30BG”

“Holy Ground

Davido featuring Nicki Minaj

“She said, “Come if you wanna” (Oh) ‪I said, “I know myself, I’m gonna wanna” ‪Activate undercover, so let me know ‬ ‪She say, “Nwannem biko” ‪Activate if you wanna Let her know it’s not the normal size ‪This kind thing go make your ship capsize ‪So let me know if you wanna ride”

“‪I’m giving medals, I gotta give you the G ‪I’m bouncing all on the D‬ ‪I just had to give you the V‬ ‪Hair blowing all in the wind ‬while we cruising, Penelope ‪Nigeria to the world, and “Fuck you” to my enemies (Fuck you to my enemies)”

“The Best

Davido featuring Mayorkun

“Betty no fit leave a nigga (Shekpe) Ko loun loko s’ita Lai lai Omo temi ko rara Betty no fit hate my mother Ko loun o le wan s’ita Laye laye (Laye) Mama temi ko rara”

“I no fit look you chance my brother For this life and another life (Life life one life) Omo temi ko rara Suddenly from good I’m better You no fit see me bitter laye laye (Oh life)”

“Shopping Spree

Davido Featuring Young Thug & Chris Brown

“Keep bendin’ up with the vibe, yeah Fuck me like a slut and be the wife Articulatain’, said she tryna ride (Woo, oh) I told her make a wish, she gon’ be mine, yeah Bring me your love, you better not die”

“I don’t know how hard that I be dancin’ Baby, you keepin’ up with the swingin’ You fuck with niggas that’s gonna leave you (Woo) Don’t lay there, babe, now, we can leave now Thought you won’t find a nigga that’s real You start to like it, it’s how you feel”



“Come my place, she come my side I look up to your face, say, “Oh my God” Concentrate on you right now That gyal, she go whine and go low Make her do that ting, she go shake up for me Make her do that ting, she go real low for me She go whine for me slow”


Davido Featuring Tiwa Savage

“Bobo you no be my set oh But this your matter be like set off And I don’t know what else to say ‘Cause I’m feeling your type of way My egungun don express, oh, oh, oh Love e don jam my head, oh, oh” “Let me whine my waist for daddy, daddy, daddy Wetin I wan talk again, ayy Baby I beg, no let this matter enter gobe ooh” “Girl you bad, you ball, you plentyy (Plеnty, plenty) You are the only one I see (You are the only one I see) One million girls, no bad, reach you (No bad, reach you, oh, no bad, reach you, oh, oh)”

“La La

Davido Featuring CKay

“Sweet like coconut Her body like ajebutter Pretty girl in a skin tight I was sitting in the corner You were at the other corner I was sipping on palmwine (Yeah) But e get as your body dey papa me o I got to shoot my shoti o You must to be my shawty o”

“So Crazy

Davido Featuring Lil Baby

“Heartbreak after heartbreak, my chest done got numb I tried my best, gave you my all, now I’m done Summer time looking for a vibe, then we tuck back through the sun Two of us with the rose gold, going on the road, gone for three month”

“She no be regular (Regular, regular) Regular damager (Damager) Yes, her body na massacre (Yeah) Na she dey make me dey gbasaga You got me feeling blue, something like Avatar (Avatar) You make me want to sign you, fire my manager (Sheesh)”

“Birthday Cake

Davido Featuring Hit-Boy & Nas

“Oh my, my, my Nina Me I no like no drama I’ma bring it back like karma ‘Cause you’ll be my Shiva, I’ll be Mufasa Make your body shake, faster Ah go make sure than go [?], faster I’m a rich kid, with all the gangsta ‘Cause you’ll be my Shiva, I’ll be Mufasa Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh Omo this your red bottom shoes When I’m with you, now W’s ‘Cause you’ll be my Shiva, I’ll be Mufasa”

“She one of them Better than a hundred of them Body look good like she run in the gym Lease a crib for a whole year, it’s nothin’ to spend Cuddle in them Persian rugs, yeah it’s us against them Cartier bracelets, every car is spaceship (Yeah) Birthday cake, every day it’s a celebration (Yeah) Illegal alligators and snake skin (Woah) They catch us at the border, yeah we both gettin’ cases Adrenaline rush, maintainin’ in trust (Woah) Just walked out of Fendi and we spent a trunk Swimming suits in trunks, Bentley coupes and blunts Orange juice in the mornin’ when we wake up (Woo) Vitamin C, I gave her vitamin D”


Davido Featuring Bella Shmurda

“Omotena shey na you fine pass I swear your body carry pass”

“Your body figure 8 on top Baby don’t stop Slow wine I do giveaway on top Baby Don’t rush (Yeah) From time You love me I love you You need me I need you”

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