10 Of The Best Lyrics From Wizkid’s New Album ‘Made In Lagos’

Wizkid is now 4 albums deep with a discography that displays his lyricism, melodic and dance rhythms.

Wizkid’s lyrics has been one of the most taunted by a few Nigerians who do not understand music.

As he said in standard, “I always make everything a vibe. That’s what Wizkid does,” he says (yes, he’s a third-person-referrer). “Every time you listen to a Wizkid record you want to dance. It’s the African groove, man.”

With all of the beautiful lyrics on Made In Lagos, Mandy News decided to pick out some top lines from Wizkid’s latest album. Check them out below.

“Reckless (Intro)


“if I tell you all the days I had to sacrifice So my whole life And ah go anything on for my family I got the ting that make your body do the nolinga Make your gyal come through, makin’ plays all night Tonight, tonight” — Wizkid


Wizkid featuring Skepta

“she say badman, you make me feel so fine Fine, fine Every likkle whine, seen a perfect whine, whine, whine Nobody fine past you tonight, night, night See now me and you go dey ’til we get no time, time, time” — Wizkid

“Mighty Wine




Wizkid featuring Damian Marley



Wizkid featuring H.E.R.

“I can be your substance It’s easy when the love don’t hide No hide, no hide Had to learn from my mistakes Company creates companions So right, yeah, yeah baby boo say I love your smile Girl I love it when you smile” — Wizkid

“True Love

Wizkid featuring Projexx & Tay Iwar

“My baby with me, with me Every day you’re with me, with me Se every day we dey with me, they with me My baby dey complete me, complete me” — Wizkid

“No Stress


“I’ve been waiting for tonight night night Where the energy feels right right right Where my talk make you feel right right right Say tonight we come alive (Live live) Make you drink up while we reminisce (hol’ on) Say a prayer for our enemies (oh yeah) Say my love na your remedy (oh yeah) Baby girl you mean a lot to me (a lot to me)” — Wizkid


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