10 Reasons Why I Hate Being A Nigerian


There are 10 reasons why I hate being a Nigerian, but I also have countless reasons why I love the country. Nigeria, A nation that’s so blessed with abundant natural and human resources but yet its citizens is among the poorest in the world. Are we a cursed nation?

The country is tribalistic, greedy, evil, backwards, and no love & unity. Although I have literally hundreds of reasons for hating this country, I’ll list just 10 right now:

1. Reelecting Buhari into power despite his track record as a failure in leadership.

2. 1914 – Amalgamation

3. The massacre of Igbos between 1966 and 1970

4. The men in uniform

5. Tribalistic – ‘Tribalism’ is tearing the country apart.

6. Polygamous cultures

7. The politicians

8. Educational and health care system

9. The citizens – Entitlement, greed, backstabbing and two-faced

10. Evil – Brother killing brother for the profit of another

That’s all I have to say for now. I recommend you read about my visit to tarkwa bay.

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