200 Powerful Words Used In Speaking In Tongues


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Have you ever wondered about speaking in tongues? It’s a fascinating part of Christian faith where people talk in a language they haven’t learned, but it feels right for them. This isn’t just random words; it’s a special way to talk to God, a gift from the Holy Spirit. Let’s dive into what this really means and why it’s so important in our faith.

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Understanding Speaking in Tongues:

“What’s It All About?”

Speaking in tongues is mentioned in the Bible, like when Jesus’ followers received the Holy Spirit and started speaking in different languages (see Acts 2). It’s a way for us to connect with God on a deeper level. When we speak in tongues, we’re not just saying words; we’re letting our hearts speak in a way that our regular words can’t.

Why Do It?

“The Benefits of Speaking in Tongues”

So, why do people speak in tongues? It’s a way to pray and worship that’s really personal. It can help us feel closer to God and express things we can’t easily say. It’s like having a private conversation with God, where the Holy Spirit helps us say what’s in our hearts.

A Gift for Everyone?

“Who Can Speak in Tongues?”

Some people think speaking in tongues is just for certain Christians, but it’s actually a gift that’s available to all of us. It’s not about being special or different; it’s about how open we are to letting the Holy Spirit work through us.

The List of 200 Powerful Words:

Now that we’ve explored what speaking in tongues is and its significance in our faith, let’s delve into the heart of this practice. Below is a list of 200 powerful words often used in speaking in tongues. These aren’t just random syllables; they are expressions that many believers find emerge naturally during this deeply spiritual practice. Whether you’re familiar with speaking in tongues or just beginning to explore this gift, these words can serve as a guide and inspiration. They can help you focus your thoughts and deepen your spiritual connection as you allow the Holy Spirit to move through you.

  1. Roshabakai
  2. Mandereboshi
  3. Karabandai
  4. Shandarabeku
  5. Teribashonta
  6. Hanalashira
  7. Zikarandosha
  8. Geribashandi
  9. Lorandekai
  10. Barashendeki
  11. Yerabashontai
  12. Kandaraboshi
  13. Meribashanta
  14. Narashindai
  15. Parabandeki
  16. Jorabashira
  17. Serabandeku
  18. Harandoshai
  19. Tirabashonta
  20. Vashindereba
  21. Qarabandeki
  22. Lashirabanda
  23. Urabashontai
  24. Xarandekai
  25. Zarabandoshi
  26. Arashindai
  27. Brashanteku
  28. Crandoshira
  29. Drabashonta
  30. Eribandekai
  31. Frashendeki
  32. Grashindai
  33. Hrabashontai
  34. Irabandeki
  35. Jrashira
  36. Krabandeku
  37. Lrashontai
  38. Mrandekai
  39. Nrashendeki
  40. Orabashira
  41. Prabandeku
  42. Qrashontai
  43. Rrandekai
  44. Srashendeki
  45. Trabashira
  46. Urabandeku
  47. Vrashontai
  48. Wrabandekai
  49. Xrashendeki
  50. Yrabashira
  51. Zrabandeku
  52. Ashontai
  53. Bshandekai
  54. Cshendeki
  55. Dshabashira
  56. Eshbandeku
  57. Fshashontai
  58. Gshandekai
  59. Hshendeki
  60. Ishabashira
  61. Jshbandeku
  62. Kshashontai
  63. Lshandekai
  64. Mshendeki
  65. Nshabashira
  66. Oshbandeku
  67. Pshashontai
  68. Qshandekai
  69. Rshendeki
  70. Sshabashira
  71. Tshbandeku
  72. Ushashontai
  73. Vshandekai
  74. Wshendeki
  75. Xshabashira
  76. Yshbandeku
  77. Zshashontai
  78. Ashandekai
  79. Bshendeki
  80. Cshabashira
  81. Dshbandeku
  82. Eshashontai
  83. Fshandekai
  84. Gshendeki
  85. Hshabashira
  86. Ishbandeku
  87. Jshashontai
  88. Kshandekai
  89. Lshendeki
  90. Mshabashira
  91. Nshbandeku
  92. Oshashontai
  93. Pshandekai
  94. Rshendeki
  95. Sshabashira
  96. Tshbandeku
  97. Ushashontai
  98. Vshandekai
  99. Wshendeki
  100. Xshabashira
  101. Yakareta
  102. Shabrandi
  103. Lekarando
  104. Tabashiri
  105. Rakanata
  106. Yeborinde
  107. Zalabathi
  108. Kirendasha
  109. Malabronte
  110. Serabandi
  111. Talarashi
  112. Jabrandek
  113. Firalando
  114. Nebakashu
  115. Garalendi
  116. Pashirando
  117. Lakabrendi
  118. Qerantoshi
  119. Verabandi
  120. Xalashira
  121. Yarabando
  122. Zeborindi
  123. Abrakashi
  124. Biralendi
  125. Cakaranda
  126. Diraboshi
  127. Ekarabandi
  128. Firalashu
  129. Girabrendi
  130. Haralendi
  131. Irakashira
  132. Jarabandi
  133. Karalendo
  134. Larashindi
  135. Mirakando
  136. Naraboshi
  137. Orabrandi
  138. Parakendi
  139. Qirashando
  140. Ralabrendi
  141. Sarakandi
  142. Tarashira
  143. Ukarabandi
  144. Viralendo
  145. Warashindi
  146. Xarakando
  147. Yiraboshi
  148. Zarabrandi
  149. Asarakendi
  150. Birashira
  151. Carakabandi
  152. Diralendo
  153. Erashindi
  154. Farakando
  155. Garaboshi
  156. Harabrandi
  157. Irakendi
  158. Jarashira
  159. Karabandi
  160. Laralendo
  161. Marashindi
  162. Narakando
  163. Oraboshi
  164. Parabrandi
  165. Qirakendi
  166. Rarashira
  167. Sarabandi
  168. Taralendo
  169. Urashindi
  170. Varakando
  171. Waraboshi
  172. Xarabrandi
  173. Yirakendi
  174. Zarashira
  175. Akarabandi
  176. Biralendo
  177. Carashindi
  178. Darakando
  179. Eraboshi
  180. Farabrandi
  181. Garakendi
  182. Harashira
  183. Irabandi
  184. Jaralendo
  185. Karashindi
  186. Larakando
  187. Maraboshi
  188. Narabrandi
  189. Orakendi
  190. Parashira
  191. Qarabandi
  192. Raralendo
  193. Sarashindi
  194. Tarakando
  195. Uaraboshi
  196. Varabrandi
  197. Warakendi
  198. Xarashira
  199. Yarabandi
  200. Zaralendo

In Practice:

How to Embrace This Gift

If you’re interested in speaking in tongues, the best place to start is in prayer. Ask God to guide you and be open to the Holy Spirit. Remember, it’s not about forcing words; it’s about letting them flow naturally as you focus on your connection with God.


Speaking in tongues is a unique and powerful way to deepen your faith and connect with God. It’s not about the words themselves, but about what they represent – a heart open to God’s Spirit. Whether you’re new to this or have been practicing for years, remember that it’s a journey of faith, a step closer to the divine.

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