Troubled rapper Lil Wayne has been ordered to pay $96,000 for allegedly failing to hand over settlement money to a pyrotechnics company.

The Lollipop star, real name Dwayne Carter, Jr., was sued by bosses of Pyrotek Special Effects Inc. in June to cover the $86,000 bill that was still outstanding following their work on his 2013 tour.

In August, both parties reached a settlement and Wayne agreed to pay off the sum in four installments, but he missed the first scheduled payment in September, so the special effects executives went back to court, asking for the full amount plus interest.

A default judgment for $96,000 has now been issued against the hip-hop star, according to

The news is the latest in a long line of financial troubles for the rapper. Earlier this month, authorities seized belongings from his mansion in Miami, Florida after he failed to produce a $1 million settlement stemming from unpaid private jet fees.
Wayne has also been accused of failing to pay his lawyers in the jet case, and they have filed their own lawsuit against him.