Doctor masturbates, ejaculates on face of unconscious patient


A doctor in New York has been banned and is being investigated for masturbating on the face of an unconscious woman.

The 45-year-old doctor, David Newman is being investigated for sexually assaulting a 22-year-old patient while she was unconscious and receiving treatment at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, US.

According to investigations, the patient was admitted with severe pains in her right shoulder and chest. She was attended to by two nurses in a private who gave her morphine.

The nurses asked her to remove her shirt and bra so she can wear a hospital gown for an x-ray.

The woman told investigators that while she was there waiting, Dr. Newman came into the room and gave her a another dose of morphine despite her protests that she had already been given the drug.

She further claims that while she was unconscious, she heard the sound of someone pleasuring himself. She was unable to move but felt sperm on her face.

She told investigators that Newman wiped the sperm from her face with a blanket after he finished masturbation on her.


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