Onitsha Market Jubilates As Security Agents Nab Hoodlums Who Extort Money From Traders (Photos)

As shared by Promise……



Ndi Anambra, OCHA Brigade team with the Joint Task Force (JTF) lead by Kenneth Okonkwo went to Eke Awka, Onitsha Head Bridge market and Ose Okwodu market to arrest those hoodlums that are extorting money from hawkers, barrow pushers, tricycle (keke na pepe) drivers, okada riders etc.
He further informed them of the love that the Governor, Chief Willie M. Obiano has for them and he has heard their crying due to the wicked activities of these hoodlums extorting money from them in the market. The Governor has approved the policy that they should not pay any money to anybody again except the ones approved by the Government.
After addressing the market men and women, they started dancing, singing and praising His Excellency Willie Obiano that he is their choice for the next tenure and continuity with joy and happiness in response to the Governor’s intervention to their problems.
Long live Ndi Anambra!
Long live OCHA Brigade!!
Long live the working Willie’


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