Sugar Mummy Sęx Party To Go Down In Kenya (Photos)

A few days ago a hot Kamba woman invited the public to a sëx party that was to go down somewhere in Westlands

– Even before the dust of the sëx party publicised by Judith Zeinab settles, another one is set to happen at end month

Has Nairobi become a sin city? Sěx parties are becoming the order of the day and organisers do not seem to give a damn.

A poster advertising a cougar party has emerged online invited young men for a bash of their lives.

According to the poster with a plus-size female model, the sěx party is set for Friday, October 28.

The poster, however, does not indicate the venue of the explicit 21 and above party.

This announcement comes after the government through the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) cancelled Project-X which was a sex party that was to take place in Lang’ata.

Now have a look at what sudents do in Nairobi’s nightlife


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