DOWNLOAD S€xtape: Miss Anambra 2016 Chidinma Okeke S€xtape Leaks Online Pt1

if we all remember yesterday, pictures of the so called Nnamdi Azikiwe University girl who happens to be the current Miss anambra 2016 Sěx pictures leaks on line and she immediately denied it

well incase you believed her story then that means you believed her lies, no body is trying to black mail her neither am i, come to think of it, how would a abuja based blogger/Lawyer like me associates her self , with a girl who slept with a big Government top official to win the crown miss anambra, i no you all will be suprised how i knew about all this and never intend leaking any, cause then there was no facilating prove, or will the contestants of the pageant deny that they were all sent to various local Government chairmans and all what they demanded from them were sëx, well i will not focus on the pageant because to me right from the sët i knew it was all about business, but my point is why will a queen who people look up to as role model, be sleeping around with men and also involve her self in l3sbian act, or do u think the anambra charity concert which was hosted by her was throughly hers, no it was not, she engaged her self in it to make money not to even support the kids, while the rightfull owner a well known comedian base in the east who love kids ,the through owner hard no credit on his project, miss anambra date was basically shifted from october to december cause of this shamefull act of hers and added to that her car was taking and still she still stood still to deny the pictures uploaded lastnight ok, if that so you all can watch the video by downloading it from the link below and wait for part 2



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