​Today’s Game: Bankers For Baba Ijebu ​#National| Super | Club Master| FairChance| King Premier | 06 |

We give God all the glory for all he has done for us all. We are grateful and thankful for all.. Forgive all our sins and make way for us all.

This week will surely bring good tidings for us all, we shall recover all our losses,Because we ain’t relenting or resting to make sure winnings occur. 
Always stake games according to your pocket.

Best of luck and hit the share button now if youhu want us to be posting and help u… afternoon game on point… loading

Get ready for weekend sure bet9ja games.

Join us on whatsapp 08107749195

Join us on whatsapp or call 08107749195

 Premier King | 29-30-67-77-81 = 43-60

 Club Master | 04-25-26-32-73 = 53-82

National| 44-51-70-77-78 = 04-19

Fairchance |  01-19-55-65-71 = 69-79

06 | 26-43-48-72-88 = 02-07-21

Super | 22-56-71-81-89 = 01-05


Premier King


 Club Master |




Fairchance |


06 |


Super | 36-59-79-80-82

Recenty won 


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