@Wazzyno Calls Out His Close Friends For Not Promoting His New Song 

Close friends to Wazzyno ​failed to tweet or share anything about Wazzyno’s new single, and so Wazzyno has dissed them calling them  “close motherfuckas”

Wazzyno took to the public forum to call out his close friends for their lack of help in promoting “Kilonchala“, and even went so far as to call them  “close motherfuckas”

 and use the the famous bible quote from John 10:12 #”My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”(i know my people, my people know me.) Preceding his diss post at his fake friends, Wazzyno posted

All this fake as friends see me post my song they can’t repost .. a lot of people I’ve never met have been showing me love more than these close motherfuckers … now I see why rich celebs and rich people don’t show love to their old friends when they’re bossed up.. that’s because all you suckas only love a nigga when he’s down and as soon as a nigga getting better in life and doing some motivation shit they don’t have power to do they start to get jealous … they don’t even hate me they’re just jealous cos I be on some next level shit, mfs only love u when you’re broke or when they see you’re bigger than their hate .. they don’t support you when you trying to get up because they’re down and they will hate to see u get up while they’re down.. smh, imma keep doing this shit till I shine and when I do, I don’t want to hear any Baba how far na or u no like us again, if anyone message trying to fam thunder will fire your whole family … 2017 coming and niggas need to know their space .. either we rocking or we ain’t rocking .. fuck all you jealous ass back talking niggas .. I’m a lot of million up than all of you niggas, I don’t brag on Internet go check my street cred and pay respect, we’ve been Singing since uno de secondary school ask Dopeboy.#i know my people and my People know me,Says the G,O,D. Almighty. JOHN10;27.,” 

thus alluding that his friends are jealous of his success. “

We’ve included a screen shot of the post below because, you know, things get deleted on facebook. 

Download the controversial song here

What’s your take on this?


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