Rap lover and blogger Collins Weglobe pen an open letter to Sasha P, also known as the First Lady of Nigerian Hip Hop. Read below

Dear @Sashapofficial,

Some people may call you Sasha P. Some may call you Sasha the boss. Some may even call you the First Lady .

But to the world of hip-hop and rap, you’re the Queen of Africa.

If it wasn’t for you female rappers would be nowhere near what it is now and for that, First Lady, I thank you. You are, were and always will be the best Africa female rapper alive. I love you because you are yourself. Your raps are versatile & I also love that you have fun with your rap. I admire how your raps are. You are a legend of our generation alongside Mode 9 & M I.

I’m a huge hip-hop and rap lover, I’m tired of listening to noise makers, I urge you to drop something new for the summer Love, Collins WeGlobe (Posted 2:30 AM)”