Audio/Video: Stino Rhymes – Wagiedo Manima (Peace & Love In Edo)

3ead4b07-2d06-44ec-9114-c43ef4818836Throughout the history of mankind, music has played a vital role in promoting peace, love, courage and unity.

South-South finest artist, Stino Rhymes have shown the courage to come forward and combat barbarianism and cruelty by spreading peace and harmony.

The recent tragic shootings and kidnapping throughout Benin city, Edo State. has brought the city and the country to a state of dismay. Racial tensions are at a boiling point, fear is becoming the new norm and things seem to be getting worse by the day.

While some mourn their loved ones, others are offering to help ease the strain during these horrific events. Edo Celebrities sharing hopeful words of encouragement, everyday people finding ways to incite change; all are acceptable methods to combat this social disease in which there’s no quick fix.

We as a human race are at an unnerving period and need to rely on peace, love and unity in order to truly alter the direction we’re heading. Music’s the one universal language that can promote this message. Below is the song that can help to do so during these trying times.

This Message goes to all kidnappers/ armed robbers in Edo State.




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