Nigerians Launch #EndSARS Campaign On Social Media

Some Concerned Nigerians have launched a campaign to scrap Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) on social media. The move, according to some posts on the micro-blogging site, Twitter monitored by our reporter, was initiated due to alleged extrajudicial killings carried out by SARS officials.

Some of the Twitter users accused the Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of carrying out extra-judicial killings and torture of innocent Nigerian citizens. The #EndSARS campaign is coming at the time the Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) is giving Nigerians an opportunity to share their experience with SARS operatives.

The Police #PCRRU tweeted: “Do you have any complaints about your contact with SARS? You don’t need to know their names, all we need you to provide are details of the occurrence (action/act) with DATE, TIME & PLACE. Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) #BailisFree #NoToImpunity. Please share this message”.

Apparently displeased with the conduct of most of the SARS operatives, Nigerians took to Twitter to call for an end of the department of the force. Here are some tweets from the victims.

Call a spade a spade. SARS is a vigilante group. A group of nitwits. A cult. A band of miscreants. A killing machine. #EndSARS. — Vidar (@onuohadave) December 2, 2017

SARS:: Special Advanced Robbery Squad. Pass it on. #EndSARS — Mr. Jack Robinson (@jackdre02) December 2, 2017

SARS don’t care about criminals, all they do is target young boys with good phones, laptops, cars. If you have tattoo on your body, forget it only God will save you from them. They beat/harass/extort citizens at will, They are legal criminals.#EndSARS #ScrapSARS 🙏 — Osas Cruz (@OsasCruz) December 2, 2017

A lot of Nigerians wouldn’t mind if BH kills ONLY policemen, SARS and soldiers. The kind of brutality you get at the hands of these law enforcement rogues crushes the humanity and empathy in you. They should meet their match. #ENDSARS — Kelvin Odanz (@KelvinOdanz) December 2, 2017

SARS don’t have respect for humanity! SARS kill and harass innocent young & old people! SARS invade phone privacy of young boys without warrant! SARS think they are above the law and kill anyhow! SARS are wild animals! SARS are the criminals!#EndSARS today! Enough is enough!! — Daddy CHO (@Chidubem__O) December 2, 2017

I don’t know about you but whenever I see SARS anywhere in Nigeria, I don’t feel safe. I instantly regret going out looking too good cos that’s a step close to getting arrased by them.#EndSARS — Made In Ibadan (@UrbanCulture06) December 2, 2017

If you have no experience with SARS officials, you won’t understand this daily outcry. Once you have an iPhone, drive a car, have beards, YOU WILL PAY! #EndSARS now! 😡 — Series Abíọdún࿐ (@EngrSeries) December 2, 2017

SARS SPECIAL ARMED ROBBERS SQUAD #EndSARS — Bolu (@MisterAdeosun) December 2, 2017

I was walking with my brother one day, and after they checked his pocket for drugs,his phone for pictures,his emails(all without his consent), the next thing they said was,”Take off your shirt, we want to search for tattoos”. Those guys are MAD#ENDSARS #ENDViolence — I Follow Back (@IamPreshioloye) December 2, 2017

Weeks ago I was attacked by a SARS officer, threatened to shoot me, searched my room, found nothing, yet still beat me….. The brutality must stop #EndSARS — Bolaji (@bejay2006) December 2, 2017

Glad the hashtag is now trending. I have done my part… #EndSARS — Mr. Jack Robinson (@jackdre02) December 2, 2017 Take a moment to check out the #EndSARS hashtag and lend your voice to it. Revolutions have been started on Social Media, and hopefully, this will be one of them. — Chidi Okereke (@Chydee) December 2, 2017


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