Harrassed, Arrested, Detained; Singer Praiz Recounts His SARS Ordeal! (pics)

There were reports that singer Praiz was picked up yesterday morning by men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad SARS on his way for a concert on the Island!

The reports had become viral but there were no statements from anybody on Praiz’s camp until much later in the night when the singer appeared on his Instagram page to give an unofficial account of his ordeal.

According to Praiz, his encounter with the SARS men has only buttressed the reason Nigerians are clamoring for an end or reform of the SARS.

“Today I had an encounter of what a lot of people go through everyday… People who are heading home after a failed interview, people going home after a night shift, people on their way to get their daily bread but get harassed because you are a young man wearing a beard or gold chain” He said!
He emphasized that he stands by his opinion and the opinion of many others #EndSARS

“My official statement will be out soon” he said!

According to reports, the singer was held at the Ajah police station for hours before he regained his freedom but missed his concert.




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