Twitter User, Sharon Recounts Her Friend Experience With Rape Suspect (Photos)

It seems this year should be tag as “Year of rape” yesterday we reported the story of Instagram slay King, today another lady has come out on Twitter to give a recounts of T.I Nathan @Temitayonathan claiming he raped her friend.

She wrote: 
“Temitayo Ilesanmi Nathan, @Temitayonathan You Raped my friend because you thought she was defenseless and vulnerable, you are a Vile creature of a man, a shame and a distasteful excuse of a human being. Sickening to think that someone of your status could do this!
You Raped her because you thought you could overpower her, well today she’s using the power she has over you to call you Out! The Evil you did in the shadows has come out to the Light today. She’s no longer a Victim but a Victor!
But as for you @Temitayonathan you will get what’s coming, the pain you caused her, you shall receive in triple folds. You will be Raped Financially, socially, spiritually and by the heavens Physically Too, And when it happens your pleas shall fall on deaf ears!
And This is an Advice to Everyone, if you have a Friend, Daughter or Sister Who is in the Fashion industry, Please And Please DON’T sleep on them, talk to them, inquire about their safety and well-being always, make sure they aren’t being Victimized or sexually abused!
Because our Nigerian fashion industry is fraught with a lot of perverts hiding under the guise of Designers, Photographers, stylists, make-up artist etc. just looking for vulnerable Models to Prey on. Please take this seriously!
And if you’re out there and have been victimized or sexually abused please come out, take your liberation by force. Let them know they can’t do this to you and go free.
If they think they had the Advantage in the shadows or behind closed doors, you have the Advantage in the Open
Take the power you have and use it against them.
Only God knows if there’re other girls out there that T.I Nathan @Temitayonathan has done this to. And If there are, please come out and save the Next girl.
God bless you All!.”


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