Between Mikel Obi’s Partner And A Nigerian Man Who Wants Her Dumped (Photos)

The social media has played a big role in bridging the gap between celebrities and their fans. Either through the confines of Twitter’s one hundred and eighty character restriction or the other social platforms, fans can easily communicate an idea to their favorite celebrity

Instagram User, Bykducci, has come for Mikel Obi’s Partner after posting a photo on Instagram with caption.

“News flash, there won’t be any miracles when you’ll wake up tomorrow in 2018. �You will wake up late, most likely hangover, slightly out of shape and won’t go to the gym as planned because miracles don’t happen overnight. �
Happy, fit, successful, in love and loved work hard to have it all and keep it all. They wake up early, go to bed early, pay their bills, learn from mistakes, forgive, value their family and know how to say ‘No’, ‘I can’t’, ‘I do not know’, ‘Forgive me’. And they do it non stop all year round not just January 1st. �
Can’t wait for this new year, new me bullshit to be over!� To another year of hard work!! ��� #happynewyear #2018 #NewResolutionNoResolutions”

Check out the drama below.



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