Charly Boy Blasts President Buhari, Over Herdsmen Killing (Video)

Popular entertainer-cum-activist, Charles Oputa popularly known as Charly Boy has lambasted President Buhari over his reaction to the Fulani herdsmen attacks and killings across the country.

He Captioned the video: “Take this message to President Buhari”

Video subtitled “Sai baba! Mr President, your people dey suffer no be small oo.kai! you fall our hand no be small, see as you dey treat us like bastard, herdsmen dey kill us for one side, Boko Haram dey use people do suya, you just dey chop bone like say e no concern you, boys full street no job,no hopem and no nothing.
You say you dey try corruption, but inside your house another room corruption dey dance ajasco, since you come our name don become suffer head,as you dey die of poverty so, e dey sweet you? you carry us dey do “pim pon pim pon” now i dey hear say you wan come back again, come find wetin? where you wan past you wan kill us? Nigeria belongs to all of us, nonsense and ingredient carry dis camera comot for my face.”


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