Lagos Police Officers Seen Assaulting A Bike Rider (Video,Photo)

As shared by Precious, an eyewitness, wrote: “Why are men in uniform wicked, why do they like to abuse power and intimidate others. The country is hard already, why are you making it unbearable for the sake people you are suppose to serve and protect. .

I was on my way to work this morning, at 8:20am around kingsway bustop in Ikeja, some policemen were assaulting a bike man. They asked the bike man to give them his bike and he asked politely; excuse me sir what have I done wrong? .

They refused to tell him and one policeman took his helmet and threw it away, while the other two were slapping him and he was crying bitterly (an elderly man). .

They pushed him from the bike but he held firmly to the bike but they didn’t stop, they kept hitting his hand with that stupid stick they carry around, they dragged him till he let go of the bike.
While he was on the floor crying, they kept hitting him and another dragged him by his waist. No matter what the offense is don’t treat people like animals. We deserve better! we deserve maturity !! we deserve peace!!!,”


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