Nigerians React To FG On Plans New Refinery Close To Niger Republic (Photos)



Following news of Nigeria and the Niger Republic, which in 60 days time the both countries are set to sign binding bilateral and technical agreements that will enable both countries develop and build a new petroleum refinery in a Katsina State town which borders both countries.

Today Nigerians on social media have taken to their pages to react to the news, Nigeria, Niger to build refinery in border town.

According to Twitter user, Ayekooto wrote: “This is one of the porous borders Northern Nigeria shares with Niger. Yet APCNigeria , Buhari wants to build refinery in such zones. Imagine taking crude oil all the way from Niger- Delta only to refine it in a place where it can be easily smuggled. What do we call this?”

According to what gathered, the photos below is Nigerian border with Niger Republic, at a small border town called Birnin Kuka in the North-Western state of Katsina.
The tree logs in the pictures literally DEMARCATE Nigeria from Niger Republic; crossing the logs means you’ve crossed over to the other country!”

Check out reactions below.


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