“Among This Two Guys I Don’t Know Who Is The Father Of My Daughter”- Young Girl

There are only a few times when fighting over a woman can be justified. The reason why I say this is because fighting over a woman is the ultimate sign of a man losing control of himself. Fighting for a woman is the fantastic clash of love stories, historical fiction and fantasy.
The most common mistake that a man dealing with Baby Mama.

A confused girl, Amaka Reachel who’s currently causing drama on Facebook over an affair with 2 guys from Asaba, Delta state.

She wrote;

“That’s my child shila who I gave birth to but among this two guys I don’t know who is the father of my daughter .. So friends and family can you please suggest for me?, among this two guys who do you think is the father of my daughter shila?”

According to what MandyNews.com gathered, we learnt she, Amaka was dating tochi ohika and Ukoh Rwayne.
One of the guy wrote that Tochi affair with Amaka and all the money he used in training the daughter, shila for the past years are all waste.

Also, Ukoh Rwayne, the black guy wrote;
Stop lieying because you have done no test. I pity you because all the money u take train shila for the past years are all for waste now because that Amaka has followed me to the hospital in asaba when I wanted to do the DNA test and it was because the…See More
I just pity you because I saw all your conversation with her… She is using our head… She can use your head but she cannot use my head..read your chat with her and see how she is trying to trick you to get money from you but am happy that you are no longer falling into her traps and deceits

Tochi Ohika, The fair guy replied; Lol big full na u be, u be really small pikin u go hack her Facebook come de post fullish tinx u nor get common sense useless boy I don run my text if u tink say Sheila na ur baby go do ur own wowo boy like u


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