“In 2019, It’s Buhari Or We Set The Zoo Ablaze!!!”- Dauda Umar. Nigerians Reacts

Meanwhile, Engr. Dauda Umar Potiskum has issued a warning about President Buhari’s Bid for Second term in 2019.

The engineer, wants everyone to know if Buhari does not win in 2019 they are going to burn down Nigeria.

TwitterNG has reacted, to his threats by calling DSS to arrest him.

He tweeted:

“All these media sponsored vain tirades by Ex so and so targeted at dissuading @MBuhari re-election bid is bound to fail. No amount of defamation could strip our darling PMB of his integrity for which he’s renowned for. In 2019, it’s Buhari or we set the zoo ablaze!!!”

He got a reply: “Shame on you! Your household is the only zoo that deserves to be lit with fire. It is Buhari’s Right to seek reelection. It is the right of his political adversaries to contend against him at the ballot. The generality of Nigerians are going to be the ultimate decider.”

Another added: “Has @Ibraheem_Pkm been picked up by the DSS?”

Another: “One would think someone that has engineer on his name would at least exhibit a certain depth of reasoning, but alas a username might just be deceiving”


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