Ugandan Pastor Walks On Church Members As God’s Instruction (Photos)

A Ugandan-based man of God, Holy Pastor Busoga has changed the face of the Gospel at his church after he told his congregation that God has instructed him to walk on their backs just like Jesus walked on the water.
According to a report, pastor Busoga claimed to his church members that God told him he was too holy to walk on the ordinary ground like mere creatures and as such, should walk on their backs while he is preaching the Gospel.
It was discovered that Pastor Busoga made the surprising announcement during a church service, saying that God commanded him that he should no longer walk on the dirt so that he would not be defiled.

After the shocking announcement, he then called on his congregants to sleep all over the floor while he walked on them throughout the duration of the service with the people egging him on.

As shared by Ugandan source;
“The ‘man of God’ has taken the phrase that religion is the opiate of the masses to heart. He has successfully lied to his congregation about how holy he is.

Pastor Busoga has come out with some horrible claims that God spoke to him and that he is too holy to walk on the floor of his church

So what brilliant way has he devised to avoid walking on the floor so as to avoid contamination from it? Of course, he came up with something very brilliant! Very brilliant!
He uses his members as carpets or floor mats to avoid stepping on the floor! How sick is this individual?

We are all made of clay, but Pastor Busoga clearly is made of some special stuff! What stuff this is that will cause him to be contaminated by the floor that he walks on baffles me.

What I do know from what I read in the Bible is a that we are all fallen. So how does one individual get the audacity to preach that he is better than other people?

This is the height of hypocrisy. The Pharisees are in good company with this Pastor Busoga.”


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