Daddy Freeze Carpets Lady Who Accused Him Of Domestic Violence (Photos)

Controversial on air personality (OAP), Daddy Freeze, has replied lady who accused him of domestic violence

He wrote:

“Sometimes haters need to take a long, cold and hard look in the mirror, before they hate on other people.
I put up pictures from a magazine shoot and this unlettered aunty, jumped out of the woodwork to lay accusations and brandish her hatred in very destitute grammar, highlighting her below par intelligence quotient.
I never beat my ex wife and we parted ways 4 years ago, so why bring it up now? It’s of no consequence. She has moved on and so have I!
You will expect the haters to be living perfect lives driving Ferraris, mansions in banana island – no way! They are scrawny, hungry, disheveled people, depressed at how poorly they turned out and are bescumbered with the dung of their attitude deficiencies, bearing the semblance of primitive mammals, God help them!”



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