Commercial S@x Workers Stab Customer To Death In Zimbabwe (Photos)

A 23-year-old man bled to death after he was stabbed by a suspected prostitute he had visited following a misunderstanding.

The hooker, only identified as Amai Junior was arrested after she stabbed her ‘client’ Calvin Masamusa, who died in cold blood.

The deceased’s mother, Mbuya Masamusa who was also present at the scene said she had, on several times, warned her son against going to Amai Junior’s lodgings.

“I am in pain that my son’s life had to end this way. I have told him several times to stop going to this prostitute’s house but he never listened to me.

“Two days ago I came here and took him from her but he never paid attention whenever I warned him from visiting this woman.

“She (Amai Junior) would always attack my son; he even had fresh wounds and stiches after he was attacked by her,” she said.

Meanwhile, a close friend to Amai Junior who refused to disclose her identity said Amai Junior stabbed Calvin while defending herself.

“People are saying my friend was Calvin’s prostitute but that is not true, the two have been in a relationship though they met at a night club where Amai Junior was a bartender.

“They have been having fights lately because Calvin was not accepting the fact that my friend no longer loved him.

“He kept on coming to her house demanding sex from her and what happened today is unfortunate but I know Amai Junior was only defending herself.

“Calvin started assaulting Amai Junior when she asked him to give her back the money that she had given him to buy her groceries.

“Amai Junior has, on several occasions, lodged complaints with the police to try and bar Calvin from coming to her house but he kept on coming,” said the source.



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