Blind Woman’s Sight Allegedly Restored (Photos)

A woman who lost her sight two years ago after suffering severe headache got her sight restored on the second night of Bishop Charles Agyinasare’s Festival of Wonders in Ghana recently.

The healed woman was overcome with tears of joy as she and her children danced to the glory of God at the Festival of Wonders.

For the first time in two years, she was able to walk about freely without help.

Her testimony revealed that some people close to her had reservations miracle campaigns.

Preaching at the event, the founder of Perez Chapel International urged Christians to stay away from sin, so as to live curse-free lives.

He said some sins that bring curses on Christians include multiple sale of lands, disobedience of the word of God, idolatry, dishonouring of parents, unnatural sex (fornication, adultery, homosexuality, incest, rape, bestiality), dealing unjustly with the weak, shedding of blood, buying stolen items, stealing, armed robbery, abortion, acquisition of unjust wealth, failure to pay tithe, failure to honour vows made to God amongst others.

To break curses, Bishop Agyinasare urged Christians to repent of their sins.

The Festival of Wonders comes a few weeks after the Festival of Miracles which was held in February at the Independence Square in Accra.

Present at the Miracle of Wonders was Pastor Lambon Aaron Fant and his wife who hosted Bishop Agyinasare. Bishop Matt Addae Mensah, Presiding Bishop of Gospel Light International Church, was also present to cast out demons. Additionally, Rev Jonathan Ekuban was there to help with the Pastors and Leaders Conference while Mr Kwesi Nyanteh supported the event in many ways.


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