Zimbabwean Man Gets Invited For Midnight Sex By Girlfriend Husband (Photo)

A love messages sent via Whats-app to a married woman landed a Chiweshe man in trouble after he was invited to the woman’s homestead during midnight last week.

Chief Makope confirmed that Clackson Mugauri appeared before his traditional court after he had sent a love message to one Bell Kahundi, wife to Average Makope, in the middle of night while she was asleep.

Makope took the phone and started chatting with Mugauri purporting to be his wife and summoned the boyfriend to come and have a quickie.

The boyfriend came in haste and was told to wait in the kitchen hut where Makope came out dressed in his wife’s clothes and confronted Mugauri peacefully before going to village head Chasi.

Chasi referred the matter to Chief Makope who slapped the accused with two beasts and two goats as ransom for his shenanigans.

Apparently Kahundi is seven months pre_gnant and her husband is in doubt of the paternity of the pre_gnancy though she testified that their illicit affair with Mugauri was only 4 months old.

Meanwhile, Chief Makope warned people to desist from da_ting married women saying it results in death if people fail to solve the problem amicably.

“People should desist from da_ting married women because usually it ends with death, as we speak last month in Chiweshe, Nyakudya area under village head Mbisva a man was murdered for da_ting a married woman after he was called using the same modus operandi,” he explained.


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