Oligbese(4sale) Sets To Drop A New Gospel Album ‘Open My Way’

Oligbese 4 Sale
Oligbese 4 Sale

Nigerian singer, dancer, songwriter, recording artist, and music director. Raphael Ehis Oboh popularly known as Oligbese 4 sale will be releasing his new gospel album titled ‘Open My Way’ in August.

The ‘kpamurege’ crooner is switching from secular music to “Christian-appropriate” songs.

According to MandyNews.com, the singer will feature 8 “Christian-appropriate” songs on his next project which set to be release in September.

The ”do something” hit maker explained that he wants his third studio album to reflect God and his religion belief.

The ‘Open My Way’ new album is expected to have songs with  famous Nigerian gospel artiste.

 It’s been five years since he dropped his last album. The singer felt this was the right time to team up with some gospel singers in Nigeria to drop his new project . The reverberating theme behind the album is the message of empowerment to those facing life’s daunting circumstances.


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