95 Year Old Zimbabwean In Trouble For Raping And Infecting Grandson With STD

A 95-YEAR-OLD woman from Nkayi, Matabeleland North, allegedly ra_ped her nine-year-old grandson and infected him with a se_xually transmitted disease (STD).

The granny met the boy when she was coming from the business centre last Christmas and allegedly pushed him to the ground without uttering a word.

She sat on-top of him and allegedly inserted his manhood into her privates. The minor kept the matter a secret until he started discharging pus with ur_ine.

The elderly woman’s trial will start on May 21, when a magistrate would have been assigned to the case. She is charged with aggravated indecent assault.

According to court papers, the suspect met her grandson on a footpath around 10 PM while he was walking alone after separating with the other village boys.

“After walking for a short distance, the boy got into a footpath that led to his place of residence with the other boys going in a different direction. The boy met his grandmother and the two did not exchange any words,” the statement read.


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