Watch Shocking Video Of Ghana’s First Money Ritual Church

Many believe we are in the last days due to the conduct of some supposed men of God in the country.

The most popular one is Bishop Daniel Obinim who is the founder and leader of the International Godsway Church.
Many have condemned the conduct of the self-acclaimed Angel who can metamorphous into an animal and have called on government to call him to order.

But Bishop Obinim’s antics seem to be the least of these latter day prophets scattered across the country.

A man of God who calls himself ‘Sika Bofoↄ’ [Money Angel] is seen on television chanting for money to fall from heaven.

The founder and leader of Jesus Favour Chapel International at Takoradi in the Western region claims he has the key to end poverty.

This incantation for money to flow is the preserve of fetish priests who operate with dwarfs, however, this ‘man of God’.

On his birthday on Friday, Sika Bofoↄ in the video charged his congregation to bring empty bags to be filled with money from his god.

The church which has officially opened in Ghana is calling for new members to call numbers on the screen.

The church has been filled-up by people, old, young men, Women and children all rushing for the ‘ritual prosperity’ Gospel of the New Church.

In the video available on Tv, one can see the Pastor blowing money in the air.

Members could also be seen with long red burning candles. Nonetheless, the attire for the church is strictly red or black.

Video below:


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