Look At The Trending Photo Of Waje’s 19-year-old Daughter Emerald

Trending Photo Of Singer Waje’s Daughter

I’m sure a lot of y’all know Singer Aituaje Iruobe aka Waje is a mother of one but a lot of us don’t really bother because Waje barely speaks about her private life and it does seem like her daughter wants a private life too, so she just happens to slip off public eye as she doesn’t do the most to be out there. It’s said that a goldfish has no hiding place and you my dear, is more than Golden. Have you met her glow?

Let me do a lil introduction on what I gathered. The name of Waje’s 19-year-old damsel is Emerald Ogochukwu and she currently schools at Middle Sex University, Dubai. Emerald is quite reserved and is also an entrepreneur. Do you remember the video of Waje’s “In the Air” last year? Yeah, Emerald was one of the dancers there, so it’s safe to say she dances too but I’m not sure that she sings. No, she’s not half-caste and I got no tea on who the father is but best believe he must be good-looking as well.

See some pictures of Emerald below.


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