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7 Advantage And Disadvantage Of S3x Doll



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Disadvantage Of Sex Doll
1. How can you bring a doll when men are even scarce for girls to find. That means women cannot carry themselves for their boos again because if you do that, you will be replaced with a better alternative. This is a big problem for women as men might not even want the human ladies again since they have a better alternative.
2. The doll is very costly making it very hard for almost all not to buy except the rich and favoured men. Someone that is earning 30,000 Naira monthly will have to save for like two years to be able to buy the doll. It is very very expensive for the poor people who also desired to have intimate with the doll thereby crushing their desires.
3. In as much as man is looking for a better alternative for himself concerning his urge, he can’t also afford to be isolated. This means that with the use of robots all the time will isolate the man from having intercourse with humans and also cause more social isolation.
4. A robot cannot become pregnant. So its like wasting yourself away without having a fruit of it. This is so bad for those that desired children of their own. Always being with a doll/robots will forever make you not to have kids as to the regards that a robot cannot get pregnant.
5. Spending almost all your time with a robot including your intimacy time will definitely affects your relationship with human beings because intimacy are the mostly the basic reason why people go into relationship, so you can have someone to talk to and share your feelings with. If you can do all these with a doll/robot, then whats the need looking relationship from human.
6. No matter what, robots can’t do all things as to compared to human being. She might be programmed to be romantic with some special human attributes but the truth is that it is not a human being. A s*x robot cannot support your dreams of becoming whatever you want t be in life or achieving whatever you want to achieve in life. It can only assist you se*ually. It can’t also give you any moral or financial support.
7.Financial, moral, emotional, or mental support … sex dolls won’t give you any of these. You are on your own fam. Simple. Short. End. I almost feel sorry for you. But at least you get to knack anytime you want.
Advantage Of Sex Doll/Robots
1. No Pregnancy: This is one of the biggest advantages of having a sex doll. It cannot get pregant for you. This is good for players or for some married men who love playing outside his marriage. With this you won’t be afraid your doll is going to get pregnant? But what if it does get pregnant? LOL!
2. Raw: With this innovation, you can be able to enjoy your intimacy raw without the use of protection. Some men does’t enjoy intimacy with the use of protection. This will help such men as you will not be afraid of getting a dangerous disease or giving her an unwanted pregnancy.
3. For those men who doesn’t know how to talk to a lady or get a lady down for intimacy, the doll is best for them as they don’t need have to worry about anything like that. All they need to do is to charge up the machine and do the needful.
4. This doll/robots can save you money in a way. Despite the fact that it is very costly to purchase, it still saves money as it is only the purchase money you’re going to spend. You will not be able waste your money on Christmas, Easter, valentine etc gifts and others.
5. The doll can also help you to learn in case you are having issues with your partner concerning some areas which you are not good at. You can use the robot to learn and improve your performance.
6. The doll/robots is always available for anytime which you want it. It is not like human being who might be very tired or not available at that time you needed her more. So the doll solves that problem.
7. Robots don’t talk, ask you how your day went, give you a shoulder rub, kiss you on your forehead, or tell you everything will be okay when those are the words you need. Sex dolls won’t fix you breakfast in bed, pack you lunch or have dinner waiting for you in the evening. They won’t be there to support your dreams and ambitions with ideas, recommendations, words of affirmation, etc. They won’t give you lap dances, strip tease for you, Netflix x chill with you, or drop heart emojis on your fire pictures. They don’t love or care for you the way a special person will. You will talk to yourself till you run mad.

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