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Meet Alex: The Most Realistic Robot In The World Costing $8 Million

Alex, the $8 million humanoid robot developed by Promobot, boasts a realistic appearance and can mimic up to 600 human facial expressions.



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  • Alex, the $8 million humanoid robot developed by Promobot, boasts a realistic appearance and can mimic up to 600 human facial expressions.
  • The versatile robot is designed to work in various environments, such as government service centers, shopping malls, museums, and universities.
  • Promobot’s ambitious future plans include expanding the reach of their robots to different sectors and developing a walking robot.

Introducing the Revolutionary Humanoid Robot, Alex

The $8 million humanoid robot Alex, created by the Russian company Promobot, has marked a significant advancement in the field of robotics. This astonishingly realistic robot is designed to look like its namesake, Aleksei, and can mimic up to 600 human facial expressions.

In this article, we’ll delve into the origins of Alex, its features, capabilities, and the ambitious vision behind Promobot’s humanoid robot project.

The Origins of Alex

Ten years ago, three friends – Igor, Maxim, and Oleg – decided to halt their current endeavors and focus on creating a robot. This marked the beginning of Promobot Version 1. With a limited budget, they purchased inexpensive parts online and built a robot capable of speaking and recognizing faces. Although advanced for its time, it wasn’t as realistic as its successor, Alex.

The Creators Behind the Robot

Fast forward to the present, and the team behind Promobot has spent countless hours, brainpower, and resources to develop the incredibly lifelike humanoid robot, Alex. Today, Promobot has manufactured over 30 robots working in various settings, such as shopping malls, museums, and universities, across 50 different countries.

Promobot creators
Promobot creators

Features of Alex the Robot

Realistic Appearance

One of the most striking features of Alex is its uncanny resemblance to a human being. The robot’s facial design is based on Aleksei Luzhakov, a friend of the creators.

Facial Expressions

Alex’s creators have gone to great lengths to make it as human-like as possible, incorporating more than 600 servomotors in the face, body, and arms. This enables Alex to display a wide range of human facial expressions, adding to its realism.

Artificial Skin Technology

To further enhance the lifelike appearance, Promobot specialists have developed their own artificial skin technology, complete with pores and wrinkles. This gives Alex a more realistic and human-like appearance, further blurring the line between man and machine.

Alex’s Capabilities

Communication and Speech

Alex is not only visually impressive but also highly intelligent. The humanoid robot can communicate and answer questions, thanks to its advanced speech recognition and processing capabilities.

Working in Various Environments

Alex has been designed to work in a variety of settings, from government and municipal service centers to shopping malls, museums, and universities. Its ability to fill out customer forms, work with documents, and interact with visitors showcases its versatility and practical applications.

Future Developments

Promobot has big plans for Alex and its future robot creations. The company is working on a walking robot, which will further advance the capabilities of humanoid robots in various sectors.

Promobot’s Vision and Ambition

Expansion to Different Sectors

The company envisions a future where robots like Alex can work in numerous industries, providing valuable assistance and enhancing productivity. Promobot aims to expand the reach of their robots, further integrating them into our everyday lives.

A Walking Robot

Promobot’s ambitious plan also includes the development of a walking robot, which is a challenging yet achievable goal. By creating a robot capable of walking, the company will unlock new possibilities for humanoid robots in a multitude of applications and industries.

10 Things You Need to Know About the Revolutionary Humanoid Robot, Alex

The world of robotics is witnessing a new revolution with the introduction of Alex, an advanced humanoid robot that is set to change the way we perceive and interact with robots. Let’s explore 10 fascinating facts about Alex and delve into the incredible features that make this humanoid robot stand out.

1. Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Alex is equipped with cutting-edge artificial intelligence, enabling it to learn, adapt, and evolve in real-time. This AI allows the robot to understand and process human emotions, engage in natural conversations, and make decisions based on its surroundings.

2. Human-like Movement and Dexterity

Thanks to its advanced motor system and joint design, Alex boasts human-like movements, offering smooth, fluid motion and impressive dexterity. This allows the robot to perform complex tasks with ease, from picking up delicate objects to mimicking human gestures.

3. Emotional Recognition and Interaction

One of the most innovative features of Alex is its ability to recognize and respond to human emotions. The robot’s advanced sensors and cameras can detect facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice, allowing it to react and adapt its behavior to the user’s emotional state.

4. Multilingual Communication

Alex is fluent in multiple languages, making it a versatile communication tool for users around the world. Its advanced language processing capabilities enable it to understand, translate, and converse in various languages, breaking down communication barriers.

5. Customizable Appearance

Alex’s design is highly customizable, with interchangeable components that allow users to personalize the robot’s appearance. From different faceplates and hair to various skin tones and outfits, Alex can be tailored to match the user’s preferences.

6. Continuous Learning and Improvement

Through machine learning and its ability to access vast online resources, Alex is continually learning and improving its skills. This self-improvement enables the robot to stay updated on current events, trends, and technologies, ensuring its usefulness remains relevant over time.

7. Home Automation Integration

Alex can seamlessly integrate with popular home automation systems, allowing users to control and manage their smart home devices with ease. From adjusting thermostats and lighting to managing security systems, Alex serves as a central hub for home automation.

8. Robust Security Measures

To ensure user privacy and data protection, Alex is equipped with robust security measures. These include data encryption, user authentication, and secure communication protocols, safeguarding user information and preventing unauthorized access.

9. Wide Range of Applications

Alex’s versatility and advanced capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from personal assistance and companionship to healthcare and education. Its ability to adapt and learn makes it a valuable tool in various settings.

10. Ongoing Development and Support

The team behind Alex is dedicated to ongoing development and support, ensuring the robot continues to evolve and improve over time. Regular software updates, user feedback, and research contribute to Alex’s ongoing refinement and growth.


Alex, the revolutionary humanoid robot, has taken the world by storm with its lifelike appearance and advanced capabilities. Its creators at Promobot have dedicated years of hard work, innovation, and resources to bring this incredible machine to life. As the company continues to develop and refine their creations, we can expect to see even more groundbreaking advancements in the field of robotics. With a bright future ahead, Alex and its successors are sure to transform the way we interact with technology, opening up new possibilities and opportunities in various sectors.


  1. How much did it cost to develop Alex the humanoid robot?
    • Alex cost $8 million to develop, showcasing the significant investment and effort required to create such a lifelike and advanced robot.
  2. What makes Alex’s appearance so realistic?
    • Alex’s appearance is highly realistic due to its design, which is based on a real person, as well as the incorporation of artificial skin technology that mimics the look of human skin.
  3. How many facial expressions can Alex display?
    • Alex can display up to 600 human facial expressions, thanks to the 600 servomotors integrated into its face, body, and arms.
  4. Where can Alex be found working today?
    • Alex and other Promobot robots can be found working in various environments such as shopping malls, museums, universities, and government and municipal service centers.
  5. What is Promobot’s future goal for their robots?
    • Promobot has ambitious plans for their robots, including expanding their reach to different sectors and industries and developing a walking robot that will further revolutionize the capabilities of humanoid robots.

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