Nigerian Man Killed In Italy, Alika Ogochukwu’s Video Goes Viral

Nigerian Man Killed In Italy, Alika Ogochukwu's Video Goes Viral

Nigerian Man Killed In Italy, Alika Ogochukwu’s Video Goes Viral

Social media sites are flooded with videos of a Nigerian man named Alika Ogochukwu who was killed in Italy.

The horrifying moment of an Italian guy named Filippo Claudio Giuseppe Ferlazzo beat to death Alika Ogochukwu, a 39-year-old Nigerian living in Italy, was seen on video.

On Friday in the bustling town center of Civitanova Marche, an Adriatic Sea beach town, Ogochukwu, a father-of-two and street vendor, was attacked by Ferlazzo, a’male customer’.

Police in Italy confirmed the murder incident and stated they had detained Ferlazzo, 32, after the gruesome killing of Ogochukwu, who was caught on camera by bystanders who did not attempt to physically assist.

According to local news outlet ANSA, police tracked Ferlazzo’s activities using street cameras and apprehended him on suspicion of murder and allegedly taking the victim’s cellphone on Saturday.

According to authorities, Alika, a physically challenged guy, was selling items when his attacker allegedly snatched his crutch and repeatedly hit him.

In the horrifying footage, which has gone viral on social media, Ferlazzo is seen trying to pin Alika to the ground while the victim was being wrestled to the ground on his back while he resisted and was fighting back.

At a protest on Saturday at the scene of the murder, Charity Oriachi, the wife of Alika, yelled: “Now I only want justice for my husband.”

After being hit by a car and losing his work as a laborer as a result of his injuries, Alika—a married man with two children—resorted to peddling products on the street.

Police claim they were also watching videos of the assault while interrogating witnesses. The suspect has not made any statements.

Check out the video below!

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