You Want To Bamba? The Viral Nigerian TikTok Song Explained With Meaning And Translation

You Want To Bamba? The Viral Nigerian TikTok Song Explained With Meaning And Translation

see everything you need to know about Ameno Amapiano Remix Lyrics Meaning: you want to bamba you want to chill with the big boys.

Hundreds of people have become celebrities overnight due to TikTok and its music algorithm.

New sounds go viral every day on the Chinese video-focused social networking app and often become the support tracks to dances, challenges, and funny videos.

The latest song to take the world of TikTok by flood is a Nigerian-Benin song that went viral for an unusual reason.

“You want to bamba? You want to chill with the big boys?

If you have seen people dancing to the remix of that popular “Ameno Amapiano” song, I’m sure you conceivably want to know what the artist is talking about.

Here’s everything we know about the song “you want to bamba you want to chill with the big boys” by Goya Menor:


Goya Menor ft. Nektunez – Ameno Amapiano (Remix) Goes Viral On TikTok

Amapiano version of Ameno sung by Nigerian upcoming artist Goya Menor has gone viral on TikTok after a female influencer @abikearabmoney posted a video dancing to it.

Abike’s can be seen on her TikTok page holding bundles of Nigerian naira notes, before stepping back and front dancing to the beat of the song.

TikTokkers all around the world have been recreating Abike’s videos on their own TikTok pages. Even Mayorkun, Davido, Real Warri Pikin, and other prominent people have filmed videos on TikTok dancing to the song.


Ameno Amapiano Remix Lyrics Meaning

The song which everybody has been dancing to is called “Ameno Amapiano Remix or You Want To Bamba” by Nigerian artiste Goya Menor and produced by Nektunez.

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ameno amapiano remix artcover
ameno amapiano remix artcover

The song is about cultism. The first line is an explanation in Benin Language and English it means “Remember I told you guys before that my child won’t be a member of a cult group”

When you know the meaning of the song, you can either love it or hate it. The fact that it is used in any video made the song more popular.

Below is the complete English translation of the lyrics.

ameno amapiano remix lyrics
ameno amapiano remix lyrics

[Intro: Goyar Menor]

So easy (It’s Nektunez yeah)
Hey ha!
Oya meno (Ameno)
Oyadepe kirin
Hekedimi yana kukirin
Let me tell them how the thing goes
How the thing goes (How the thing goes)

[Chorus: Goyar Menor & Era]

Shebi meka tamoa
Say my pikin no go join cult
Ha! You want to bam ba
You wanna chill with the big boys
Na you dey run kiti kiti
You dey run keta keta
No fit drink water drop cup
Ha Hey!
Shebi you see how the thing goes (How the thing goes)
Ameno, oma nare imperavi ameno (Oya tell a man who blend you)
Dimere, dimere, mantiro (and who ?, and who ?)
Mantire mo, ameno
Oma nare imperavi emu nare, ameno
Oma nare imperavi emu nare
Ameno, ameno do re
Ameno dori me
Ameno dori me
Ameno do
Dori me reo (Ha)
Ameno dori me (Ameno dori me)
Ameno dori me

[Verse 1: Goyar Menor]

Okay, okay ha!
This one no be zobo no be can juice
Go school e go school, you go dey pen tools
And na the parameter set you wan dey form too
Even your papa no fit save you
For all the calamity wen him pikin don do
Mehn, all the niggas don dey find you
Because that nigga wey you pay omo e don puff
Oh boy e don puff (Ha, Hey!)
Come on lets go

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[Verse 2: Goyar Menor]

Because you made it to the top throne
Let me see what my godfather can do
Coz He’s a Father to the fatherless
A mother to the motherless
And nothing no one can do
But promise not to fight again
Not to do anything that will hurt again
Cos if you do na him be say you don gorg again
And -another time you go run again swear

oma nare imperavi emu nare meaning in English

It has no meaning in English. It’s a pseudo-Latin, but it doesn’t really have any meaning, just vibes.

Lyrics annotation below.

Chorus translation:

  1. The rapper is asking everyone in his mother tongue if they can recall when he told them his child would never join gang members.
  2. He went further asking the child if he want to be initiated into a cult group or he want to hang around with wealthy people in society.
  3. Now the young boy has been initiated into a deadly fraternity, his life is in danger and he’s now running hectare scatter.
  4. He can’t sit down for a minute to drink water because his life is at stake.
  5. The rapper is asking the son how does he see life now, I told him not to join a cult and now see his life.
  6. With anger in his voice, the rapper is asking the son who initiated him into the fraternity and he’s eager to know the person who took him for initiation

Verse 1 translation:

  1. In the first verse of this song, Mr Goyar was preaching to young kids that his story on the chorus is not for children.
  2. He continues his story by saying that the said son was sent to school to learn but end up going around with deadly weapons.
  3. He said no one could save the boy because of all the disaster he has done in school, not even his father.
  4. He added that everyone is looking after the boy because the guy he had issues with is dead.
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Verse 2 translation:

In the verse two of this song, the preacher delivered the boy and asked him to no go back to his old ways.

Menor is a hype man, the song was released in June 2021.

Listen to “Ameno Amapiano” (Remix) by Goya Menor featuring Nektunez below.

Say no to cultism.

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