An Attempted Coup In Mali, U.S. Embassy, France Reacts

Gunfire heard at Mali army base, news coming from Bamako say some government ministers and army officers were reportedly under arrest but it is not clear by whom, AlJazeera reports.

Reacting to the report of an attempted coup in Mali, France Minister of Foreign Affairs, said; “condemns with the greatest firmness” the mutiny engaged in Mali

US Embassy also reacts and gave out security update.

The U.S. Embassy has taken the following additional steps in response to the ongoing security threats:

Consular services at the U.S. Embassy have been suspended for August 18.
A shelter in place warning is currently in effect.
Employees have been advised to avoid any unnecessary travel until further notice and to be cautious when crossing the bridges, U.S. Embassy said.

Protesters in Mali have burned the ministry of Justice building

At the time of this report, a French-made Dassault Falcon 900LX plane has departed Mali after the coup rumors started. Some very important persons have fled the country.

More details soon.

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