Annie Idibia’s Quarrel With Elder Brother Wisdom Macaulay: Read the Whole Story

Annie Idibia's Quarrel With Elder Brother Wisdom Macaulay: Read the Whole Story

Amidst the saga of Annie Macaulay-Idibia and her elder brother Wisdom Macaulay, a video of Wisdom saying “she takes drugs, she’s a drug addict” has now gone viral.

Amidst the saga of Annie Macaulay-Idibia and her elder brother Wisdom Macaulay, a video of Wisdom saying “she takes drugs, she’s a drug addict” has now gone viral.

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The video in question was shared by Wisdom on social media Instagram account on Wednesday evening.

In the clip, the man claims that his sister manipulated him, taught him how to take hard drugs, and turned him into an errand boy.

The clip saw him reaching out to Nigerians to caution his sister to re-employ him as his manager after the actress had sacked him. Besides the job, he also told Nigerians that his life is at risk.

Read the transcript of Wisdom Macaulay below.

  • I’m Animal Holiday’s elder brother, and my life is in danger. She would rather send me twenty thousand, thirty thousand dollars, tell me to have a slave, and at the end of the day, she can decide when she’s angry to end it.
  • weeks back, my husband sent me some money and gave me some money. I’ve been begging him for years. The money wasn’t in so much, but I used it to say to my home, “I have a wife.”
  • I am sorry states I am not called to do the right thing. They are not continuing paying for your daughter’s diary. It’s not because I don’t want to. It’s because I’ve been manipulated for many many many years and been introduced to drugs and hard drugs. She’s a drug addict. She takes them every day. She doesn’t have peace with anybody. She calls everybody, she fights everybody.
  • I defended her. I defended her because I love her as a sister, but I now realize that she doesn’t even have love or any good intentions for me. I wasn’t around for two weeks. I came back because I had my issues. I was trying to sort things out. I came back and begged my sister to continue with the things that I wanted and everything. She decided to take everything away from me. She took away the job. She wouldn’t give me a car. I’ve been begging my sister for a car to do Uber for many years now. My sister has never responded to me.
  • I came back to the beggar. Okay, let me continue with the job. The manager job that she offered me to be her manager, but then at the end of the day she told me to be an errand boy. She told me to be a slave, and he’s evil like she will not, she doesn’t want me to be able to stand on my own. Then
  • this afternoon, after she sent me out of the house, I read that she went on social media to say I beat her Nigerians. If I beat Annie inside 2Face House, will I be able to sleep in Richmond Estate for one night. I was there for five, six, and six days begging my sister for an opportunity to feed my opportunity to stand on my own, but she will not give me a chance. At
  • every slight opportunity, she will call my wife and insult my wife. She insults everybody. She’s violent every night. She’s on drugs every day. She’s on drugs even as she’s really dissimilar.
  • She’s hearing this now and she knows that I’m saying the truth that she’s Audrey for crack.
  • I was never like this and sometimes the thing got into my head. I believe that, as a sister, maybe she had good intentions. If you go back to my previous pictures, this is not how I look, this is not who I am.
  • She now took away the only opportunity for me to feed my own family because she didn’t want me to stand on my own this morning. I’ve been begging Annie for the smallest car in the compound, the smallest car to Uber, but at the end of the day I’ll come and drop it for at least be able to provide for my family.
  • My star refused, and she got me frustrated when she told me I couldn’t work with her.
  • I’m crying, begging, begging for help. I just want to be able to stand on my own when she told me to leave this morning.
  • I took the car with the mindset that I would use it for Uber and before that, and I’m returning it to her, but she sent her driver with knives and got her driver with a knife.
  • I was afraid. I don’t know what was happening. I now practice somewhere nearby for my life. Nigerians,
  • she now called the police to throw the car to a gumbo or gumball police station. As I’m speaking to you now, she has sent threats everywhere. Please,
  • I want Nigerians to know that if anything happens to me or any member of my family, Annie is not far away. I need help, please.need help.
  •  I cannot continue like this. I’m scared. I don’t know what she’s going to do next. She’s on drugs. She’s on drugs.
  • She’s so violent and he’s so violent and he’s so angry with everybody. She fights everybody from her in-laws, even her own mother. She cannot talk to her even my wife Doris. She insults my wife at every slight opportunity because she’s the one at the end of the day that will say okay, take twenty thousand errors and eat.
  • I only ask for an opportunity to be able to do something for myself and the same car. She said, “people that trade almost killed me this afternoon, and now she has told the car to the police station Nigeria, please. I need help please.

Read Annie Macaulay-Idibia response to Wisdom Macaulay below.

  • Oh Wizy… why big bro why…. Wisdom … why all these lies against your ONLY sister … ur younger sister, all I ever did was protect you n ur kids…. Since we grew up, bro , have u ever paid for house rent in your entire life ? You live in a 3bedroom flat fully furnished with everything u need for u n kids … wisdom u have 3 kids , have u ever paid for their school fees since they were born .? Your oldest 9. For 9 years … since ur wife start making babies … have u ever paid for hospital bills for any of your kids ? Have u ever paid sch fees ? Oh wizy how many cats hav I bought for you … since God started blessing me ! You say u work for me … how??? Where??? After dad di d… the car I had bought , for him , told u to service d jeep. You sold d car without telling me … all I have was love u n your kids! Every Xmas I make sure they all get something new… I even make sure ur wife isn’t aware ! How many time have I given u
  • millions wizy , how many times .. but u are way too irresponsible, bcos I don’t have the heart to watch ur kids go hungry! Keep black. -ing me that u will kill ur self! I have receipts on my online banking. N proof ! Why do you wanna destr, y this lil career I have worked so hard to make … this is where I make 80percent of my money ! Same money I used to send ur kids to school . Pay ur rent! All ur hospital bills! Why would want to destroy ur own lil sister
  • Just yesterday ur wife called crying they sent your kids home .. for sch bus.. money I already gave u since ! I paid straight to the school. Why wizy ! U want to be manager … said “I am sorry I don’t think it’s something I can do… till u get the help you need…. How many cars have I bought for you bro ? How many ? I di Jed my friend n had to pay ! You took 2 different loans from banks … I had to pay for you .. just so it doesn’t get out in this space ! Wizzy what more can I sister do ! What? I have my family too … I
  • by all these lies why ! I am at the peak of my career! Pls bro why this lies!!!! JUST BECAUSE I SAID U CANT BE MY MANAGER! I have so many voice notes from ur wife ! I won’t disgr ce u n put it out here ! I ann tired ! Do as u like ! The universe Will protect me, my hard work , my kids, my family. Let the world believe anything ! My name is Annie! I am not the lies you are saying! I work damn hard .. not lazy ! Entitlement! Wow bro. I wish u well

Credit: annieidibial/Instagram

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