Antwain Lee Fowler Dead: Little Boy Famous For “You Got Cheese I Can Eat” Viral Video Died Aged 6

Antwain Lee Fowler Dead

Antwain Lee Fowler, the young boy who garnered massive popularity for his comedic memes and rose to fame thanks to his viral videos on Instagram, has been confirmed dead aged 6.

Antwain was diagnosed with Auto-immune Enterapothy in July 2015, a deficiency disorder that attacks human intestines.

Antwain Lee Fowler Dead

Antwain Lee Fowler is dead

The 6-year-old had been hospitalized and had undergone over 25 surgeries. Like normal infants, Antwain was unable to drink milk, or eat solid foods during his earlier childhood.

Unfortunately, the family got shattered after he lost in the battle.

His mother goes by the name China Blaq on social media is known for showcasing his personality through lifestyle and adventure on Instagram and Tiktok.


Prayers up for all loved ones.

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