Baba Ijebu Game For Tuesday, June 2: Gold-O6-Jackpot-Club Master-Lucky G


Baba Ijebu Predictions for Tuesday, June 2 Gold-O6-Jackpot-Club Master-Lucky G-Super are now available.

Check out below and play the lucky numbers we provided for Tuesday, June 2: Gold-O6-Jackpot-Club Master-Lucky G and Super.

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Good luck!

Here’s Baba Ijebu Predictions For June 2 Tuesday 2020

Gold- 11,44 – 23,44,53,74,81

O6- 57,77 – 21,35,47,59,79

Jackpot- 54,85 – 17,18,49,64,73

Club Master- 34,56 – 4,40,52,57,63

Lucky G- 4,30 – 2,5,24,75,86

Super- 19,66 – 11,31,41,67,85

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