Last week was very good for every Mandy News viewers, we believe this week would be the best as we start with baba Ijebu Monday morning game with; Diamond – Peoples – Bingo – Metro – International.

We all know the first game on Monday is Diamond starting by 9:45 AM I urge everyone to play this game but play with your own money.

Diamond – 6-15-21-52-85 #2SURE – 4 16

The second Monday game is Peoples don’t forget we are the people and we are the world for that you must play this.

Peoples – 11-44-73-77-83 #2SURE – 46 56

The third game for Monday is Bingo and Bingo is a general name for every dog in Nigeria if you have heard about the idiomatic lucky-dog which means someone with astounding good luck so this Monday bingo would bring you luck and blessings.

Bingo -38-47-57-74 -86 #2SURE 2 – 13

The fourth Monday game is Metro we are not going to say much about this because every Metro in the world is cooling off right now.

Metro – 11-9-30-55-64 #2SURE 70 -82

The fifth game for Monday is MSP

9-28-49-66-72 #2SURE 23 -10

International – 8-33-50-54 -58 #2SURE 33 -63

Diamond – Monday at 9:45 AM
Peoples – Monday at 12:45 PM
Bingo – Monday at 3:45 PM
Metro – Monday at 7:15 PM
MSP – Monday at 7:15 PM
International – Monday at 10:45 PM

We urge you to share this page with your friends and family as we are going to be sharing daily sure baba Ijebu games to support everyone at this hard time.

I repeat, play with your own money and play with care.


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