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Beware of Rybid Consult Nigeria Fake Job Offer Scams

Beware of Rybid Consult Nigeria Fake Job Offer Scams



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You may have heard or gotten a job interview from Rybid Consult Nigeria, but maybe you aren’t sure if the company is legit or fake.

Unlike other companies that offer legit jobs in the country, Rybid Consult Nigeria is actually 100% fake.

This is why if you searched for “Rybid Consult Nigeria“, you would hardly find anything useful about the company except for negative reviews on Nairaland, Facebook, and Twitter.

To save you from falling into the hands of kidnappers and fraudsters, we have put together some of the reviews we culled from people who have had an encounter with Rybid Consult Nigeria.

Rybid Consult Nigeria Building
Rybid Consult Nigeria Building

Our Rybid Consult Nigeria review is completely free; we didn’t collect money from anyone to bring down this company. This post is based on several negative reviews about the company, and we thought we could do this to save people.

What is Rybid Consult Nigeria?

According to the description we found online, the company is a business management consultant in Nigeria. It claims to offer leadership & capacity building, outsourcing, business development (health & agro), entrepreneurship development, empowerment & wealth creation, networking, and social & digital marketing.

But many Nigerian internet users are saying different things about the company. That’s why we’re going to post the reviews here.

Rybid Consult Nigeria Reviews

According to a lady in Nigeria’s biggest online forum, Nairaland, she was almost kidnapped by Rybid Consult Nigeria in 2021.

Here’s what the lady said about Rybid Consult Nigeria:

God saved me and two other ladies today, be very careful and don’t get desperate for a Job!!!
Below is the details:

You are invited by Rybid Consult Nig; a business consulting & development firm for an ongoing business development position

Date/time: Thursday ,3rd June 2021 by 8:00am
Venue: Suite B beside Great Talent School,Oba Ogunji Road, Ogba, Lagos

Come with a print out of this message and evidence of any qualification

Warmest regards,

Mrs Lilian Morris
Tel: 09042105830

Above is the message she got from the company, and below is her experience when she got there for the interview.

“My story

The so called office is beside a school( Great talent school), so i asked the gateman sitting infront of the school that i was going to Rybid consult so he directed me to the next building which is half painted in cream color, i got to the gate and i met a security guy, three guys and a lady standing infront of the gate so i told the gateman that i came for an interview and he asked to see the invite, i showed him on my phone, the guys standing beside him and the lady also confirmed the invitation and asked me to go in.

When i got in i saw that the compound was unkept, there was gravel on the floor, there were no windows on the building except the ground floor, no light or generator no proper office settings, and there was no name on the building

At the entrance to the reception 3 guys were also there and asked me for the invite, i showed it to them and they allowed me to the reception, when i got to the reception i met two ladies and they also asked for the invite i also showed it to them and they asked me to put down my details; name, phone number and time in( i arrived at 08:08am) i was the 17th person that arrived. I was about taking my seat when one of them approached me and he asked me to show him the invite again, he was looking unkept and his brown belt looks old and tired and I observed that some of them started coming out of no where and surrounded me and one of them pointed at her right direction and asked me to go in that direction on getting there i saw that the place is a hallway and 6 people where standing there like ushers giving me directions the last person was a lady, they were all smiling and welcoming me. I thought to myself that i have never been given this kind of preferential treatment for an interview and the place is so quiet, where are the 16 persons that entered before me? Why wasn’t i hearing a sound? Why is the place so quiet and slightly dark? Where are the laptops or computers?
These thoughts and questions kept coming when the last person asked me to come i was about taking a step I couldn’t, i felt so heavy and head grew bigger, i started shaking and my hands became very cold and then i turned back and ran outside from the reception, one of them ran after me telling me to please come for the interview that nothing will happen to me asking me what was wrong I didn’t look back until when i got outside the gate, i met another person that came for the interview I quickly brushed her and when she turned i gave an eye language, i sited another lady again and i went and stopped her pretending to know her that’s was when the lady that ran after me from the reception started quarreling with me saying am not suppose to stand outside and talk to anyone that it is not allowed, i told her the person was my course mate in school so she asked us to leave the premises so we moved and stood in front of the school, the same lady still came and told us that she is very sure we don’t know each other and that i was talking the girl out of the interview, we both looked at each and left the place with the with one other person.

You can check the address on google map you will see an uncompleted building looking like a church, am very sure they bought the building, completed it and are using it for their dubious works.

Be careful!”

rybid consult nigeria photos

The first picture is the building they are using before completion and purchase of the building.

The second and third picture is the school beside it

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Beware of Rybid Consult Nigeria Fake Job Offer Scams 68
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For more negative reviews about Rybid Consult Nigeria, visit Twitter or Facebook and search for the name.

Conclusion: Let this sink into your head and heart today. Never go for an interview in a residential building, estate, or location. 

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