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Bola Tinubu FBI Documents: What We Can Expect In October!

October 2023: FBI set to unveil 2,500 documents on Bola Tinubu’s U.S. journey and controversies. Dive into the revelations on!



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The FBI’s about to drop some spicy details on Bola Tinubu. 🌶️ Here’s what’s in store.

Quick Glance:

  • What: FBI to release approx. 2,500 documents on President Bola Tinubu.
  • When: Starting end of October 2023, 500 pages per month.
  • Why: Freedom of Information request from 2022, pushed by Aaron Greenspan and journalist David Hundeyin.

Why This Matters:

  • It’s about transparency and truth. Nigerians deserve to know!
  • This could clarify lingering mysteries around Mr. Tinubu’s background.
  • This follows the FBI’s initial hesitance. What changed?

Background Check: Tinubu Edition

Who exactly is Bola Tinubu? Well, that’s the million-dollar question. Let’s dive deep.

Mysteries of Tinubu’s U.S. Journey:

ArrivalBelieved to be in the 1970s
Controversy$460,000 forfeiture over alleged drug dealing in Chicago in the 1990s
RecordsExpected to detail his time, activities, and alias (if any) during his U.S. stay

But wait! The story doesn’t end there. Tinubu’s academic claims are also under the microscope.

The Chicago State University (CSU) Controversy:

Remember that time Mandy News reported about Tinubu’s admission into CSU? Let’s revisit.

  1. Claim: Tinubu said he studied business administration at CSU using his 1970 O’Level results.
  2. Twist: 2022 records indicate a “female” Bola Tinubu graduated from CSU in 1979.
  3. Doubt: A discrepancy in the graduation date fueled suspicion. Clerical error or cover-up?
  4. Challenge: Atiku Abubakar believes proving these inconsistencies can nullify Tinubu’s election victory.

“Transparency is the lifeblood of a robust democracy.” – Some wise person

Other U.S. Departments Joining the Bandwagon:

It’s not just the FBI. Many other U.S. bodies are jumping in.

  • U.S. State Department: 450 pages every six weeks from its Tinubu archive.
  • Internal Revenue Service & Drug Enforcement Administration: Thousands of pages, ready to spill the beans!
  • Central Intelligence Agency: Also gathering Tinubu records for release.

What’s Next?

Come September 12, Judge Jeffrey Gilbert will hear arguments regarding Tinubu’s academic records. With so many agencies releasing documents, expect a whirlwind of revelations.

So, gear up, Nigeria! October promises to be a month of enlightening surprises.

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Disclaimer: All content is sourced from public records and journalistic endeavors. remains impartial, urging readers to form their own conclusions.

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