How To Break Generational Curses With Scripture, Candle And Salt


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One of life’s most beautiful things is to be free from problems, especially for people without generational curses.

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A generational curse is a custom or conduct that has been handed down from parent to child as a result of disobedience to God. You’re probably suffering from a generational curse if your family history includes divorce, incest, poverty, rage, or other ungodly traits.

In this article, we will show you how to break generational curses with scripture, candle and salt.

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How To Break Generational Curses With Scripture, Candle And Salt

What exactly is a generational curse, and how do we end one? We’ll discuss that next.

We’ll concentrate on a couple of verses. I want to ask and respond to three questions on Exodus chapter 20 verses 5 and 6. First, what exactly is a generational cycle, next, how do these bad things enter our families, and finally, what are some doable methods that we may use to end them?

1. What is a generational cycle?

It is a particular pattern that is deposited into our family, and family members are more likely to repeat it due to increased exposure to it. It could be anything from teen pregnancy to divorce, abuse, anger, adultery, alcoholism, pornography, or any of these things, but the idea is that the more we are exposed to it, the more likely we will be to repeat it.

2. How does generational cycles begin to make their way into our families?

  1. By concentrating on three words in verse five, I want to examine three distinct processes. The word iniquity appears as the first word. This term describes a particular weakness, stronghold, bent, or other characteristics that we have by nature and that results from our purposeful, persistent sin against God without repentance.
  2. This scripture states that this sin will affect the offspring even to the third and fourth generations, so take note of that.
  3. Hate is the third word I want to emphasize in this passage. Now, we frequently translate that as a strong dislike, but in this case, it is actually best translated as a turning away from or against God. As a result, when you and I struggle with sin or have strongholds in our lives, we now deposit that sin into our family. As a result, that specific sin struggle or stronghold now comes knocking and visiting on the doors of our children and our children’s children louder than any other sin because it has been deposited into the family lineage.

However, how can we start to break the generational cycles and strongholds that are in our families is the most crucial issue we want to address in this post.

  1. The idea here is that we not only have the power to break the strongholds that are in our family but also have the ability to create new ones that will reflect the righteousness and character of God, so the first thing we have to do is acknowledge the promise and the power that we have. Unfortunately, many people do not finish reading this verse because in verse 6 it also says that God will show mercy to thousands of generations of people who love him.
  2. The second thing we need to do is stop blaming our family or parents for the poor decisions we are making. In Ezekiel chapter 18, God challenged the people, asking them why they kept quoting the proverb that says, “The children’s teeth are set on edge because the parents ate sour grapes,” and what in the world did that mean? He was implying that even in those days, people were saying, “Hey, because my parents did it, if you’re a Christian, God has gifted us with the presence of the holy spirit, who will enable us to end any generational cycles ingrained in our family.
  3. In order to end the generational cycles that have been ingrained in our family, the third thing we must do is establish some accountability. The idea is that even though God has given us the ability to break these generational cycles, we will always be more strongly tempted in these areas due to what we were exposed to as compared to others. For this reason, we must ensure that we have godly accountability in our lives. James says that we should confess our sins to one another so that we may be healed.

Christians can therefore experience the effects of generational cycles, but they cannot be subject to a generational curse, according to the Bible, because Jesus died on the cross to redeem us from the curse by becoming a curse for us. It also states that the holy spirit has been given to us as a blessing, and that he is strong enough to help us overcome every generational cycle, addiction, and stronghold that has been implanted in our families.

Let’s discuss how we can use the Psalms, a white candle, and salt to break generational curses on our own.

Breaking generational curses with Psalms, White candles, and Salt.

First of all, get up at 12 o’clock in the morning and then go get a white candle. Once you have it, light it.


The next step is to take a tablespoon of salt and pour it on the floor.

After completing that, step two feet onto the salt.


Take your bible and turn to the book of Psalms.

Psalms 35, 57, 109, and 126 should be read.


You will then pray once you have completed everything indicated above.

Generational curses prayer

  1. Every generational curse that has been placed on my life and family, which is preventing and delaying good things from happening to me, be broken by fire in the name of Jesus.
  2. Every generational curse that has been fighting my origin break by fire in Jesus name.

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  1. I want to be free from my foundational curse because I believe I am under the torment of my foundational curse.

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