President Buhari Vows to Ensure a Level Playing Field for 2023 Elections

President Buhari Vows to Ensure a Level Playing Field for 2023 Elections

Buhari promises fair and peaceful 2023 elections, prioritizes border security in Nigeria.

In a meeting with the Secretary General of the World Customs Organization, Dr Kunio Mikuriya, on Thursday, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari announced his commitment to ensuring free and fair elections in 2023.

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President Buhari emphasized that despite the excitement and competition that often accompany elections, he will work to create a peaceful and conducive environment for the election to take place.

The President also noted the importance of effectively policing borders between Nigeria and neighboring countries, highlighting that the fragile nature of entry points into various countries can exacerbate terrorism, economic sabotage, and the illicit flow of arms. The Secretary General of the World Customs Organization echoed the President’s sentiments and asks for Customs Services to go beyond revenue generation and focus on security as well.

This announcement by President Buhari is a positive step towards ensuring a level playing field for all candidates in the 2023 elections. It sends a message to the people of Nigeria that their voices will be heard and their votes will be counted. This commitment to free and fair elections is also a message to the international community that Nigeria is taking a strong stance on democratic values and principles.

The 2023 elections will be a crucial moment for Nigeria and her people as they determine the direction of the country for the next four years. It is imperative that the process is free from any form of manipulation or interference, and that all parties involved work together to make it a success. The President’s vow to ensure a level playing field is a step in the right direction and should be welcomed by all Nigerians.

President Buhari’s commitment to free and fair elections in 2023 is commendable, however, the real test will be in the implementation. To make this a reality, the President must ensure that all necessary measures are put in place to prevent any form of electoral malpractice or interference. This includes ensuring that the electoral commission is independent, transparent and impartial, and that all parties have equal access to the media and resources.

It is also important that the security agencies are professional in their conduct during the elections. They must ensure that the elections are conducted in a peaceful and secure environment and that they remain neutral and impartial throughout the process. This will help to prevent any violence or intimidation during the elections and ensure that the outcome is accepted by all parties.

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