Buhari Will Spend N14 Billion On The Internet In Aso Rock

Buhari Will Spend N14 Billion On The Internet In Aso Rock

Buhari Will Spend N14 Billion On The Internet In Aso Rock

The Villa of the Buhari-led administration was given N67.1 million in the Nigeria 2023 budget for Internet access, while N79 million was allocated for stationery and computer consumables.

According to the report obtained by MandyNews.com, A startling N14.8 billion will be spent by the Presidential Villa on Internet access.

According to the Federal Government’s anticipated spending, which was included in the 2023 budget, this will also include, among other things, telephone charges and stationery costs, according to Punch.

Villa’s Internet connectivity was budgeted at N67.1 million, while stationery and computer consumables would cost N79 million.

The budget was further broken down to reveal that N35.9 million was set aside for electricity costs, N306.2 million for phone costs, and N6 million and N40.6 million, respectively, for water rates.

N1.6 billion of Villa’s overall budget would be used for personnel costs.

A total of N35 million was budgeted for books and newspapers, with newspapers accounting for N26.4 million and books for N8.5 million, respectively.

An N20.51 trillion budget proposal for the 2023 fiscal year was made by President Muhammadu Buhari before a joint session of the National Assembly on Friday.

The budget is nearly N750 billion more than the N19.76 trillion originally suggested in the Fiscal Strategy Paper and Medium Term Expenditure Framework for 2023–2025.

The 2023-2025 Medium Term Expenditure Framework and Fiscal Strategy Paper, which the President had earlier given to the National Assembly, was approved by the House of Representatives on Thursday before the presentation of the Federal Government’s budget.

The discussion of the finance committee’s report came after the passing.

The House approved a total FGN expenditure of N19.76 trillion, made up of total recurrent (non-debt) spending of N8.53 trillion, personnel costs (MDAs), N827.8 trillion, capital expenditure, N3.96 trillion, special intervention (recurrent), N350 trillion, and special intervention (capital), N7 trillion.

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