“Buhari’s ‘Next Level’ Policy Is ‘poverty Forever And Atiku’s Policy Is Looting”


"Buhari’s ‘Next Level’ Policy Is ‘poverty Forever And Atiku's Policy Is Looting"  Buhari’s ‘Next Level’ Policy Is ‘Poverty Forever’- Olawepo Hashim
Describes Atiku’s Policy Document As Policy Of ‘Looting And Corruption’

The People’s Trust (PT) presidential candidate, Mr Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim has promised to pay Nigerian workers fifty thousand naira (N50, 000) minimum wage if elected President come 2019.

Addressing stakeholders meeting on Monday at Ibro Hotel on Monday in Abuja, Olawepo condemned governors who are reluctant to accept to pay N30, 000 describing them as people lacking in imagination and creativity.

Hashim, however, described them as crop of people who have never created jobs in their lives, rather they “parasites who only feed fat on government money.

“I will give a decent living wage to workers if I become president. People in APC and PDP are reluctant to pay N30, 000, within one year in government I will workers N50, 000.

“Those reluctant to pay N30, 000 lack imagination, they lack creativity. They are parasites living on government money.

“When elected, I’ll create 40million jobs every year.

The PT President who admonished the electorate not to believe any policy document from APC or PDP, describing Buhari’s policy document of ‘Next Level’ as poverty forever and Atiku’s policy document as corruption, selling government properties.

“PDP is looting policy, PT is the party for the true development of Nigeria”.

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