Burna Boy’s Lyrics In ‘Do I’ Remix: The Meaning Of ‘Solo Makinde’


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Have you heard Burna Boy’s verse in the “Do I” remix with Phyno and wondered what ‘Solo Makinde’ means? You’re not alone. This phrase has caught the ears of many, and here’s a simple breakdown of what it’s all about.

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The Gist of ‘Solo Makinde’

‘Solo Makinde’ isn’t just a catchy set of words; it’s a phrase with a story. Originally made popular by Nigerian Fuji music star Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, it’s a term that’s been around in Nigerian music for a while. But what does it actually mean?

In Simple Terms: Think of ‘Solo Makinde’ as describing someone who’s always in other people’s business. It’s like that one person we all know who can’t help but gossip or meddle in things that don’t concern them. In Nigeria, this kind of behavior is often talked about, and ‘Solo Makinde’ perfectly captures that idea.

Burna Boy’s Twist on ‘Solo Makinde’

When Burna Boy uses ‘Solo Makinde’ in the “Do I” remix, he’s doing more than just singing. He’s pointing out something that happens a lot in society. It’s like he’s holding up a mirror to this habit of poking our noses into other people’s lives.

Why It Matters: By dropping ‘Solo Makinde’ into his lyrics, Burna Boy connects with his Nigerian fans over a shared understanding of what that means. For people outside Nigeria, it’s a cool way to get a glimpse into Nigerian culture and the kind of things people talk about.

Beyond the Song

So, ‘Solo Makinde’ isn’t just about the words; it’s about the message. Burna Boy is known for weaving deeper meanings into his music, and this is a perfect example. He’s not just making a hit song; he’s starting a conversation about how we all sometimes focus too much on others instead of ourselves.

In short, ‘Solo Makinde’ in Burna Boy’s verse is more than just a lyric. It’s a cultural reference, a social commentary, and a bit of a wake-up call, all rolled into one. It shows how music can be fun and thoughtful at the same time.

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