Casamigos For My Amigos By Wizkid Lyrics Meaning

Casamigos For My Amigos By Wizkid Lyrics Meaning

Casamigos For My Amigos By Wizkid Lyrics Meaning

The song “Bad To Me” was released in September 2022 by Wizkid, a musician from Nigeria.

The song immediately stirred much debate, receiving both praise and criticism from thousands of music fans worldwide.

In the post-chorus, the Afro artiste uses terminology that combines Spanish and Yoruba language, leading some listeners to wonder what the words are actually saying. will enlighten you about it in this article.

Wizkid. Picture credit: Spotify/Twitter

Casamigos For My Amigos

The term “casamigos” is commonly used to refer to homeboys in Spanish. Between friends who stay out at each other’s homes, a word of endearment. Wizkid’s song “Bad To Me” has a line that is mentioned after the chorus:

"Ee-ye, ge-ge (Ee-ye, ge-ge)
De-mah, ge-ge-ge-ge (Oh yeah, ge-ge)
Casamigos (Casamigos)
For my amigos (For my amigos)
Wa jogede (Wa jogede)
Baby, wa jogede (Wa jogede)
Ee-ye, ge-ge (Ee-ye ge-ge)
Kon she iyepe (Kon she iyepe)"

While others claim the phrase is occultic, many Nigerians have started using it across social media.

According to another definition, the name “Casamigos” combines the Spanish terms “casa,” which means “home,” and “amigos,” which means “friends.”

Although many social media users had stated otherwise, the lyrics are not occult.

In that line, Wizkid seems to be suggesting that the girl should visit him so they may both enjoy themselves.

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